4 Stage Deep Cleaning


Firstly, our ULV Fogging machine gets to work on applying our hospital grade disinfectant to all areas of your property. ULV (Meaning Ultra-Low volume) mean’s that the disinfectant liquid is dispersed as a fine mist.

Because the mist is released under pressure, the liquid spreads across a wide area and can get into those hard-to-reach place’s which are hard to get to with cleaning alone.


The next stage is to create a layer of protection for your premises, we used a mix and a specific range of hospital grade cleaning agents which have efficacy against enveloped viruses (Coronavirus is an enveloped virus).

This proven efficacy means we offer full peace of mind in a short space of time. The best way to effectively clean and manage any premises is to assume that all areas are infected, and this will concentrate our activities to do the best job possible.  After all, the key to successful infection control is consistency and thoroughness.

In summary, you could view this part of the process of breaking the premises into manageable area sizes and reapplying the disinfection process in a thorough and complete manner.


After completing the infection control, our team moves on to further disinfect the premises and apply further handheld disinfectants. This stage is important to combat the remaining harmful bacteria and micro-organisms this reduces the number of micro-organisms to a level at which they are not harmful and ensure total confidence moving on to our deep cleaning stage.


The last stage of our 4-step process is to finish off the property with a full professional Deep clean. Our team of expert cleaners will ensure they hit the mark when performing this last vital step and provide you with a fresh, squeaky-clean home by the end of it.

Our cleaners not only mop, wipe, and vacuum some traditional areas, but clean all the hard-to-reach spots including inside of cabinets and appliances. Our deep cleaning service will help remove the deep grime and dirt and give your house that brand new home feeling once again.

This type of cleaning helps improves overall sanitation and hygiene in your home or work environment.